At Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness in Kalispell, MT, Dr. Shane Hill has many years of experience helping patients achieve the body they’ve always wanted through nonsurgical procedures, like InMode Evolve body contouring. Below, we’ll look at how you can sculpt your body without surgery and what you need to know about side effects and aftercare.

How does nonsurgical body contouring work with InMode Evolve?

Have you ever wanted to sculpt your abdomen, flanks, thighs, or upper arms to get a slimmer look? It’s hard to target these areas directly using just diet and exercise (though those do play an integral role). In the past, invasive liposuction was one of the only ways to get rid of fat and flab in these areas.

Now, we have technology such as radiofrequency (RF). InMode’s Evolve device delivers powerful, targeted RF energy through the outer layer of skin. Patients don’t describe this as painful; some even find the hands-off treatment relaxing as they lie back and let the device move over the treatment area.

A treatment can take about 30 – 60 minutes, depending on how many areas you’d like to treat. And the best part is that Evolve not only destroys the fat cells in the area you want slimmed down, but it’s also designed to tone muscles and tighten the outer skin.

Who is a good candidate for Evolve?

Evolve can target the fat just beneath the skin and is not an all-over weight loss treatment. Patients who get Evolve should be close to their goal weight. The RF device can help rid healthy patients of stubborn pockets of fat that they can’t seem to slim down despite their diet and exercise routine.

What can I expect after RF sculpting treatment with InMode Evolve?

You won’t walk out of the treatment room magically transformed, but you should see your treatment area(s) become slimmer and look tighter and more sculpted within a few weeks as the fat cells melt away and are removed from your body. Of course, we can always gain back more fat, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle plays a big part in long-term results.

In order to destroy fat cells and achieve optimal slimming, most patients need several sessions. Each session can be personalized with different settings (Trim, Tone, and Tite) based on whether you want to address body fat, loose skin, or muscle tone.

Are there side effects to body contouring with Evolve?

One of the most significant benefits of the Evolve system is the minimal side effects it offers, especially in relation to more invasive slimming methods. Nonsurgical RF treatment is also less expensive than surgery and does not come with the risk of scarring.

The main side effects patients may experience are typically mild and confined to the treatment area and include:

  • Redness

  • Tingling

  • Skin sensitivity

  • Swelling

  • Bruising

However, this typically lasts only a few hours after the treatment.

Get RF body contouring treatment in Kalispell, MT

If you’re already close to your goal weight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and want to target stubborn pockets of fat or loose skin, RF body contouring with Evolve may be right for you.

To find out more and get a personalized treatment plan, schedule a consultation with Dr. Shane Hill at Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness, which is conveniently located on Highway 93 in Kalispell, MT.

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