Revanesse Versa is a hyaluronic acid (HA)-based dermal filler that is used to replace lost facial volume and create a youthful-looking lift. A minimally invasive treatment, Versa is injected into the skin to fill in fine lines and wrinkles as well as sunken or hollow areas, such as the lips, cheeks, and nasolabial folds (smile lines). The procedure can be customized based on your cosmetic goals to help create the youthful, natural-looking results you desire. As added benefits, there is no required downtime, and some patients experience minimal swelling compared to other filler products. Contact Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness to schedule a consultation and learn more about Versa treatments performed at our office in Kalispell, MT.


Aging and time can compound to rob our faces from volume and elasticity. With Revanesse Versa, these signs of aging can be reversed to provide patients at Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness with a number of benefits, such as:

  • Restoring fullness to lips and cheeks
  • Fill out nasolabial folds (frown lines)
  • Reduce the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles and lines
  • Increase the overall bounciness and fullness of the skin


Prior to your Versa injections, our team will consult with you to learn more about your aesthetic goals and create a personalized treatment plan. The treatment takes between 30 – 60 minutes at our Kalispell, MT office. Your injector may administer a topical numbing cream to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. A fine needle will then be used to gradually and evenly inject a customized amount of filler product into the skin. Keeping the desired result in mind, either a portion or an entire syringe could be used during the procedure. Afterward, you should not have any downtime. You might have slight swelling and bruising immediately following your treatment, but these symptoms should fade quickly. Results can last up to one year before follow-up treatments could be needed.


Does Revanesse Versa hurt?

Cosmetic injections at Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness are relatively pain-free. Our professionals may use a numbing agent to minimize discomfort so you can feel at ease during the process. We also administer Revanesse Versa using fine-gauge needles whenever possible. Please inform our team about any concerns you may have prior to treatment.

Is Revanesse Versa safe?

Revanesse Versa is a safe and effective way to combat common signs of aging and feel great about your skin, especially when compared to invasive options like plastic surgery. However, dermal fillers are not necessarily designed for everyone. Our staff will perform a quick assessment to see if Revanesse Versa is right for your needs. Patients with certain health conditions may need to wait to get treatment.

Will I look fake after treatment?

Revanesse Versa is designed to provide smooth and natural-looking results, especially when performed by an experienced injector in Kalispell, MT. We may recommend other treatments in conjunction with our dermal filler services if needed. Your specific goals will play a large part in how the final results will appear, but no one should look “fake” after their procedure.


If you want to treat signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, you might be a great candidate for Revanesse Versa. This injectable dermal filler can uncover younger-looking, voluminous skin without major risks or downtime afterward. For more information or to book a consultation, call Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness in Kalispell, MT. We look forward to helping you achieve a renewed appearance.