If over-the-counter skin products aren’t helping you achieve your aesthetic goals, you may want to consider nonsurgical skin rejuvenation treatments like microneedling. At Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness, our team is pleased to perform microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) at our office in Kalispell, MT. Microneedling with Morpheus8™ uses several fine-gauge needles to effectively and safely create micro-injuries as bipolar RF energy is released deep into the skin. This process stimulates the body’s natural production of elastin and collagen to improve the appearance and health of your complexion. A highly customizable treatment, RF microneedling can be tailored to your goals to help reduce pores, scars, stretch marks, sagging, and more.


Drugstore creams and lotions can only do so much to improve the appearance of your skin. Microneedling is an excellent option for patients in need of dramatic and long-lasting skin rejuvenation results. Patients choose to work with our team for microneedling because we:

  • Offer cutting-edge tools and technologies for optimal results
  • Have extensive experience performing microneedling and similar treatments
  • Help patients achieve a wide range of aesthetic goals
  • Provide comprehensive care before, during, and after treatment


You may be a candidate for microneedling if you have light or moderate skin issues, like rough skin texture or low elasticity. Microneedling treatments may also minimize the look of scars, stretch marks, and pores. You should be willing to wait a while before seeing the results of your microneedling procedure because the elastin and collagen production processes require a month or longer to have an effect on the skin; however, you should see results that look natural and gain better overall skin health.


A microneedling treatment is completed in one of our office procedure rooms in around 30 – 60 minutes. The treatment area will be cleaned before the RF microneedling handpiece is passed evenly over the skin to create tiny puncture wounds and deliver bursts of RF energy, which helps boost collagen production. After your treatment, you may have mild swelling and redness for around a day; however, this should subside quickly on its own. It can take around 1 – 2 months as the elastin and collagen levels increase until you notice visible improvements in the appearance and health of your skin. You should plan to get about 2 – 3 sessions performed every 4 – 6 weeks for optimal results and long-term skin benefits.


Is microneedling safe for everyone?

Microneedling is generally safe for all skin types and can be performed on sensitive areas like the face and neck. However, microneedling isn’t recommended if you have an active skin infection or open wound. It’s also not for women who are currently pregnant or nursing. Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness can perform an evaluation to determine your candidacy.

How many treatments are recommended for great results?

Most patients get 2 – 3 microneedling treatments to achieve optimal results. Our professionals in Kalispell, MT, can suggest how many sessions you need based on your skin’s condition and end goals. Once you’ve reached your cosmetic goals, we may want to schedule maintenance treatments every six months.

Can I combine other treatments with microneedling?

Microneedling does make it easier for skincare products to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. This is why patients like to combine microneedling with special serums or other treatments. During your initial consultation, we can review which of our procedures are best used alongside microneedling for even more dramatic outcomes.


Enhance the health and appearance of your complexion with microneedling treatments at Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness in Kalispell, MT. A nonsurgical procedure that may produce dramatic improvements, microneedling with Morpheus8 increases your natural collagen production for smoother, firmer skin on your face, body, or in fine areas. Schedule a consultation with our expert team to find out more.