You will likely experience loose skin after losing a substantial amount of weight. Your skin will have stretched enough while overweight to where it will start sagging after you lose excess weight. This problem can keep you from looking your best following a weight loss plan. But you can contact us at Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness in Kalispell, MT for help reducing that excess skin.

We offer body contouring services that can help remove excess skin by naturally tightening the surface. We can do this through the InMode Evolve body contouring system. This is a nonsurgical body contouring solution that can boost your appearance. The InMode Evolve device tightens your skin, reduces cellulite in the targeted area, and helps burn off stubborn fat deposits. It is an ideal solution for people who have lost weight and struggle to get the appearances they want. Dr. Shane Hill and the rest of our team will be there to help you with your unique needs.

What does InMode Evolve do?

Our professionals use the InMode Evolve system to apply radiofrequency or RF energy to your body. The RF heat will help loosen old fat deposits by causing the fat cells to break apart. Your body will naturally remove those damaged cells through its lymphatic system.

The RF heat also impacts the body’s skin cells. It targets old skin cells that have weakened and causes them to break apart, allowing the body to get rid of them through the lymphatic system.

What three Evolves services do we provide?

Our experts at Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness offer three InMode Evolve services to help you with your body sculpting needs. We provide Evolve Trim, a treatment option that produces a thermal effect that breaks down deep layers of subcutaneous fat.

We also offer Evolve Tite, a solution that tightens loose skin. The RF energy heats the skin and subdermal layer, producing a virtually pain-free approach to restoring the skin.

The third service we offer is Evolve Tone, which uses electric stimulation to tone muscles around the body. The system helps keep your skin under control after losing weight while also helping define more noticeable muscles.

What areas can it target?

You can request the InMode Evolve service from Dr. Hill or a member of our team to target many parts of your body. The Evolve system works for the abdomen, arms, legs, thighs, and waist areas.

You can request our help with multiple areas of your body. The Evolve system is safe for various parts of the body, meaning you could receive treatments for multiple spaces in one session. We can review your physical needs and identify a solution for using the InMode Evolve system that will fit your body’s needs. Our work is about producing a great look that fits your body.

Does this require downtime?

Since the Evolve system is noninvasive, you will not require any downtime. You won’t experience any scarring either, as the RF heat produced here will be comfortable and easy for the body to manage. You may notice some warmth in the area, plus there might be some soreness after the procedure. But the treatment will be effective enough to where your skin will feel healthy.

How many sessions are necessary?

You’ll require a few treatment sessions for optimal results. We recommend spending a few weeks between each session to allow the body’s lymphatic system to manage the removal of the old skin and fat cells the system targets.

Find out more about body contouring in Kalispell, MT

You can visit us at Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness in Kalispell, MT to learn more about how the InMode Evolve device can help restore your body. Our nonsurgical body contouring services will help you restore your body’s appearance. Visit us to learn more about our work and how we can help you today.

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