In today’s society that seems to value convenience above all else, it is no surprise that more and more people are looking for ways to achieve their ideal physique without the expense, downtime, and other investments associated with cosmetic surgery. At Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness in Kalispell, MT, Dr. Shane Hill understands the importance of getting beautiful and long-lasting results in the most convenient way possible and is proud to offer nonsurgical body contouring with the Evolve collection of treatment systems. Review the information here to learn more about the benefits of Evolve for reshaping and resculpting your figure, and find out what exciting results may be possible for you.

What is nonsurgical body contouring?

Nonsurgical body contouring refers to a classification of aesthetic treatments and procedures that aim to enhance various features of a patient’s physique without the need for incisions, sutures, general anesthesia, and other aspects of traditional plastic surgery. Nonsurgical body contouring treatments can be used for a variety of purposes, including to reduce stubborn fat, tighten loose skin, and improve muscle definition.

Which nonsurgical body contouring treatment should I get?

Choosing the best nonsurgical body contouring treatment for you will depend on a number of personal factors, including:

  • Your specific concerns
  • Your desired outcome
  • Your overall health
  • Your skin elasticity

During your initial consultation for noninvasive body shaping in Kalispell, MT, Dr. Hill will discuss all of these factors and evaluate your areas of concern before recommending the most appropriate course of treatment for you. Without a doubt, the Evolve by InMode collection of nonsurgical body enhancement treatments offers some of the most compelling benefits for transforming your figure without plastic surgery.

Which Evolve treatment do I need?

Based on your specific concerns, Dr. Hill will recommend the right Evolve treatment for you. In many cases, a combination of Evolve treatments is used to create an even more pleasing figure and longer-lasting results. The three treatments that make up the Evolve family include:

  • Evolve Trim: Patients who have stubborn fat that does not respond to diet or exercise, as well as concerns about cellulite and other adipose tissue, may enjoy the nonsurgical fat reduction possibilities offered by Evolve Trim.
  • Evolve Tite: This nonsurgical skin tightening treatment can help to improve skin elasticity and firm up areas of loose or mildly saggy skin.
  • Evolve Tone: Men and women who are interested in improving muscle tone and accentuating their muscle definition may be ideal candidates for Evolve Tone, which uses magnetic muscle stimulation to contract the muscles at an astounding rate.

How many Evolve sessions will I need?

Depending on the particular treatment being performed, the severity of your concerns, and your body’s response to treatment, you can likely expect to require an average of 3 – 5 Evolve sessions to achieve your desired outcome. With a healthy diet, consistent exercise, stable weight, and regular maintenance sessions about 1 – 2 times per year, patients can enjoy their striking new figure for years to come.

Begin your physical evolution with Evolve nonsurgical body contouring in Kalispell, MT

If diet and exercise don’t seem to be doing the trick, but you’re still not ready for cosmetic surgery, you may be a candidate for Evolve Trim, Tite, or Tone. To learn more about the compelling benefits of nonsurgical body contouring in Kalispell, MT, call Infinity Medical Aesthetics & Wellness to schedule your one-on-one consultation with aesthetic expert Dr. Shane Hill today.

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